Woo Hoo

Well we finally took a couple of big steps forward in the fight for equality. The Supreme Court striking down DOMA was a big first step. The narrow ruling in Prop 8 is great for California just wish it was a little more sweeping. Like including those states that have civil union and bringing them to marriage since Illinois Dems could not get it together and do it themselves. But at least those in California get their rights. Love the speeches by the California couples.

But there is still a long way to go.

Answering a call to post

Hi. There has been a challenge issued by deirdre_c to post every day this week. Well I do not have enough of a life to do all week but I will do what I can.

I did have something interesting happen yesterday but I think I will save that for tomorrow and then Wednesday I can do something on Show. So for today I will comment on something in the news.

Congratulations to Jason Collins. He has now become the first male athlete to come out while still playing a professional sport. At least he will hopefully still be playing since he is now a free agent I hope his being out will not deter him from being picked up by a team in the off season. What really warms my heart is the outpouring of support he has received. And when there was a negative tweet by a Miami football player it was removed and walked back. And the club denounced his comment. The world is really starting to change and it warms my heart as a long term ally I am glad everybody else is catching up.

So that's it for today. A preview of tomorrow, think kittens.

Go Team Go

Just want to cheer on those on my f-list who are pushing to finish their Big Bang's. I still have yet to find the courage to write myself so I really admire those who do. I have been helping do beta work for a couple of great authors anniespinkhouse and i_o_r_h_a_e_l doing beta work for them as they go along and both have expressed appreciation for my insights. So that gives me faith that I might have some success if I did decide to write. So my new goal is to hike up my big girl panties and write something by the end of the year at the latest.

So before I make this all about myself let me get back to my point.

I have faith you all will be able to get your first drafts in next week. And just remember it does not have to be your final draft you'll still have at least a month to be able to refine and edit before posting. I am looking forward to a great summer of reading amazing fic. And my offer is still open if anybody else needs a beta.

And show is back tonight, yeah.

Open offer

So I was busy this weekend with a house guest that I saw off this morning (I started to write got off then thought better of it with a bunch of slash writers) at the train station. I have also been busy friending all the authors that I read and a few of you even friended me back, so thank you. I have now started commenting on all the stories I read but you all should know it doesn't mean I didn't like your old stuff but I'm not going to go back and comment but have in general loved it all to varying degrees. Yes, that means if I friended you I have probably already read all your stuff. When I said I lurked for a long time I mean it. If I read one of your stories and liked it I would go back and read them all. I not been able to find a job in a while so I've had a lot of time on my hands. I don't know how people with jobs do it.

And speaking of free time I would like to offer my services a beta if you need one. I talked to anniespinkhouse and she encourged me to go ahead and write but I'm still not sure I have the confidence yet, but beta I can do. I know the difference between your and you're as well as the theres and pretty good with then and than. I also have a good eye for continuity errors and when a sentence or section doesn't flow right. I also can read with my ears so I'm pretty good at spotting when an article is needed or something should be plural or if the phrasing just hits the ear wrong.

I had also talked to meus_venator and found out that friending people can creep people out when you are new. I thought that was the only way to make to it easy to keep up with my favorites when they write new stuff but she/he? not sure of gender (when I was lurking I didn't generaly read personal stuff since I didn't think it fair I would know things and they would not have the same option). But, anyway I digress I friended for fic and MV let me know about the tracking option I had not noticed. So if creeps you out to have me friend you let me know and I will defriend and use track and figure out how that option works.

Sorry for the novel I tend to ramble and make every short story long by trying to add too much detail. Which is part of the reason I am afraid to write because it may be awful. Also if someone can help me figure out a question I have. As I have said I'm not very tech savy and am not sure why but when I hover over the search icon the box that appears instead to saying "Search" in English it says it in what I believe is Russian. Is it that way for everyone or is it just me? Thank you for your time.


Hi. I have just joined LJ after as you can see by my user name lurking for a long time. I finally gave in joined because for some reason when a person has put a 14 warning on their account and I click yes it was not letting me through but if it was an 18 warning it was fine. I was not sure how to find out why without having an account so I made one. Also I have started to feel bad reading so many great stories and not leaving comments because even though some people do take anon comments it feels stalkery for some reason. Though that is not always a bad thing if it is Jared or Jensen doing the stalking. But I digress, I wanted to be able to leave comments with a name. I don't know if I will be writing anything myself though I have been thinking about it lately but have not decided so these may be one sided relationships where I will soak up your writings without putting out myself. Now did that sound kind of kinky? There are also times when there was story I wanted to read but was friends only so the only way to friend was join. So this post is to let you know if I friend you I am not an evil sock and will not troll you. Also I am kind of old (40's) and have not had jobs over the years where I used the computer a lot so I am not very tech savy so my page will probably stay basic. Thank you for your time.